Manufacturing / Repairing Quality Hydraulic Cylinders

We only employ experienced personnel who take pride in their work. The result is cylinders manufactured to the highest quality standards, ensuring our customers long service life and performance.

Your Peace of Mind

Hydraulic cylinders form the heart of earth moving and process equipment. In view of this, Quality of the highest standards is expected from our customers.

We ensure peace of mind through these principles:

1. Proven Cylinder Design: Experienced in the design of cylinders since 1976, serving industries in Mining, Aviation and Construction Industries.
2. Stringent process controls
3. Dedicated Staff

Attitude – “Each cylinder we Repair / Manufacture is a masterpiece.”

Parts and Component Warranty and Insurance

Hydraulic Cylinder Testing

Most cylinder types are tested on a custom built test bench. Both Rod and cap end are checked for By-pass. A test report can also be supplied according to your requirements.